Airport apologizes for the latest “out of touch” Error Between disabled parking spots

YYC Calgary International Airport in Alberta, Canada issued a formal apology on Tuesday following a family with accessibility demands was outraged to discover that handicapped parking spots had been converted into “Lexus-only” places.

Within a marketing partnership, the luxury auto business paid the airport for the rights to have five places for the exclusive use of Lexus drivers, a movement that the airport has since called “out of touch.” The spaces were moved to another location.

“YYC Calgary International Airport would like to confer with our passengers impacted by the choice to switch the location of the available parking stalls in the airport; it is obviously out of touch with our dedication to being an available facility,” the airport said in an announcement. “YYC Calgary International Airport will be returning the available stalls to their first location asap, and the added available stalls that were added will stay in place.”

The airport also triumphed to Lexus, since the company wasn’t responsible for picking their location or which places could be transformed. “Truly embarrassed” from the ordeal, Lexus also apologized to it.

“Lexus Canada would like to give our heartfelt apologies to anyone who might have been influenced or offended with a recent marketing campaign in the Calgary airport, then” that the announcement read. “In the future, we will more carefully scrutinize the specifics of these forms of marketing campaigns. We were embarrassed. It should not have happened and we’re taking measures to be sure that it does not happen again.”

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