Airport Security Force Installs Full Body Scanners At Lahore, Karachi And Islamabad Airports

To improve the safety level at major international airports in Pakistan, the Airport Security Force (ASF) has placed full body scanners. These scanners have been installed at Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad airports. The notion is to Boost the degree of safety besides making searches easy and faster.

The officers of ASF stated these scanners have been initially installed in 3 leading towns of Pakistan. This is the first phase of the installation and these will help ASF and different agencies to suppress trafficking drugs’ threat. Furthermore, those scanners will also aid in overcoming illegal imports’ smuggling.

While talking to the media, the Deputy Director of ASF General Brigadier Imran-ul-Haq stated that these scanners have been purchased for large scale Rs150 million. In addition, he also made sure that the scanner presents no threat to human health in any way. He said:

“All these complete body scanners are extremely powerful and do not have adverse effect on human health. Following the installation of those scanners, occurrences of hand-body investigation will be curbed”

Scanners to Be Set up in additional cities quite shortly

According to the official of ASF, these body scanners will shortly be installed at all of foreign airports within the nation.

The deputy manager said that placing these complete body scanners is a component of the upgradation of airport allied gear. Thus, all the weapons and gears utilized with the ASF will shortly be raised too.

Airport Security Force will function these scanners. But, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will be involved in its upkeep.

There’s been number of smuggling cases (cellular devices and medications) of the late. Do you believe these scanners reduce or will stop the amount of scenarios?