Belfast Airport has been raised the parking fees.

Complaints over Increased Parking Fees at Belfast Airport

There’s been climbing complaints by air passengers using the Belfast City Airport over raised parking fees. The criticism comes after a person was supposedly forced to cover70 in 24 hours after being ten minutes late.

The normal gate price to get a 24 hour stay is35. The man said that his trip out of London Heathrow to Belfast airport was delayed, which led to his   coming    ten minutes.   He was then billed for the 24 hour stay. According to him, the operators in the airport maintained simply by being ten minutes that he was in the next 24 hour.

There were reports that travelers in Northern Ireland cover more than they need to and sometimes even up to four times the normal fees. Many consumers have found a lot of complaints lately saying that the prices they have had to cover are a lot.

On the evening of 29th January, 2014, the airports spokeswoman said that the airport would look into the complaints before coming up with a solution.

Last year, Belfast airport created headlines when they introduced an additional #2 for taking an airport taxi to and from the terminal entrance. This occurred following a firm signed an exclusive contract with the airport to give the service.

A well-known business body came outside and urged airports at North Ireland to look at reducing their parking charges.

The Policy seat of Northern Ireland Federation of Small Firms, Wilfred Mitchell has also proven to shield travelers. He’s asked the airports to act quickly in regard to the people complaints started. He stated it’s costly for them to book flights through Northern Ireland as opposed to using the Ireland Route.