Florida airport shooting survivor’s laptop stopped shooter’s bullet

Fort Lauderdale Shooting Survivor Backpack

A broken notebook which was within the backpack of the is shown by picture
Fort Lauderdale firing heir after he was struck with a

Screenshot via

Backpack stored Frappier, my entire life informed Anderson Cooper
Within an appointment on CNN.

other tourists along with Frappier dove towards the floor to flee the
gunfire. Amid the mayhem, a topic struck his backpack
Frappier told CNN. He wasn’t hurt.

“It struck just-so through the available backpack,” Frappier said
The topic “left, went through the covering and also the notebook
And landed ” based on

” my backpack was given by me to the FBI
The topic within my backpack’s wallet,”Frappier said.

The assumed shooting, who had been recognized as 26- year-old Esteban that is
Santiago fire within the luggage state section of Final 2
In the airport Friday morning. Santiago is in custody.

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