Get Free Airport Parking with “Frequent Parker” Programs

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I loathe going to the airport to get a quick meeting in the lounge, a dinner with a friend passing through a short weekend excursion and promptly facing the fact that my airport fees hefty hourly and daily parking charges. I can not Uber or Lyft into the airport because I now live far enough from where it’s not cheap for me.   One way I have found to park for free is by using my off-site parking firm’s “frequent parker” program.   The program makes you points for each day that you park and cover the daily levels; then similar to the miles and points match most of us love, you simply use the points accumulated to park for free once you want to.

The facility I have been using lately is Canopy Airport Parking. With Canopy, you can use your points to park for free in the open air, covered self park, or valet parking; they cost the exact same amount of points.   The valet alternative features car washes, and also a heated area with free snacks and coffee while you wait for the shuttle bus.

Should you have a company or manage the vehicles for your business, you can add multiple car license plates for your profile and accumulate points anytime one of your company vehicles parks in Canopy, which may help you accumulate points faster.

Maybe you have employed Canopy’s “frequent parker” program or a similar off-airport railroad program?   Let me know your thoughts below.