In times of Indo-Pak tension, Jet Airways flight makes emergency landing at Karachi airport : India, News

In occasions of Indopak pressure, Jet Airways trip makes emergency landing at Karachi airport

In a bet to truly save ais existence, the pilots chose to land the plane in the closest driveway that was feasible.



  • A Jet Airways trip created disaster landing in Pakistan

  • Traveler lamented of the severe health condition

  • Plane handled down at Karachi airport driveway at 1.57 am

At the same time once the pressure between Pakistan and India reaches its maximum, a crisis landing in Pakistan may the final factor about the brain of any pilot working an Indian trip.

Following a traveler reported of the severe health condition a Airways trip nowadays created a crisis landing.


12.05 am was taken off at by the Airways 9W 202. A reported of the severe health condition right after. The pilots had two options: property in the closest driveway and save essential period or reverse and mind towards the New airport.

The operating process that is conventional claims that the plane must be landed by the pilot in the closest driveway. It had been Karachi.

The pilots chose to consider the aircraft. The plane moved along at in the airport driveway. The Karachi Air Traffic Control (ATC) expanded all feasible aid according to the worldwide responsibility and advised the Delhi ATC.

Regardless of their finest attempting, the traveler was announced useless in the clinic.

Within the last couple weeks, there’s been no wedding with Pakistan on plying industrial routes to and from. Lately, many airlines ceased while traveling towards the Gulf area, flying.