Los Angeles World Airports Issues Marketing RFP

Los Angeles World Airports Issues Marketing RFP

Los Angeles World Airports has recently issued an RFP for both Air Service Marketing, Promotional, and Development Consulting Services.   Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is soliciting suggestions from professional PR Agencies to perform air service marketing, promotional, and improvement consulting services activities mostly in international regions for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) into the international tourism industry. LAWA wishes to get expert technical and professional aid in support of LAWA’s ongoing effort to increase passenger and freight air service and to encourage new domestic and global air support to markets not served or underserved by LAX.


LAWA is your Department of Airports of the City of Los Angeles (City) established pursuant to Article XXIV, Section 238 of the City Charter. As a financially self si.Jfficient, proprietary department of the City, LAWA is under the management and control of some seven-member Board of Airport Commissioners (BoAC) appointed by the Los Angeles City Mayor and approved by the Los Angeles City Council. The Chief Executive Officer administers LAWA and reports to the BoAC. LAWA operates and maintains Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and Van Nuys General Aviation Airport (VNY).

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

LAX is the world’s busiest source and destination (0 & D) airport). O&D passengers are such starting or ending their trips in Southern California instead of utilizing the airport for connecting flights. In complete visitors, LAX is the fourth largest airport on the planet, and second in the USA, for passengers and ranks 14th in the world in air freight tonnage handled. In 2016, the airlines of LAX served 80.4 million passengers and handled 2,105,941 million tons of freight and mail.

LAX Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

LAWA is currently in the midst of a $14 billion Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in LAX, estimated to last through 2023. The LAX modernization program is regarded as the biggest public works program at the City of Los Angeles. Amongst the completed jobs, is your New Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT), even a world class transportation facility, together with 18 boarding gates including nine gates capable to accommodate new creation wide-body aircraft. The new TBIT, that opened in September 2013, includes 1,179,000 square feet of usable space  and a Great Hall with 150,000 square feet for maximum dining, retail shopping, airline club lounges, and other passenger amenities. The terminal includes 42 shopping choices and 29 dining locations together with advanced technology to amuse, inform and direct the over nine-million annual foreign passengers that use the terminal. Back in February, 2017 LAWA broke ground on a new Mid-Field Satellite Concourse (MSC). The MSC North Project consists of a 11-gate concourse, aircraft parking aprons, taxiway closets, utilities and provisions for a conveyance system. Substantial completion of this MSC North Project is anticipated, together with operational activities to start in ancient 2020.

An Integral Part of this LAX CIP is the Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP). The program plan includes five big components: some 2.25-mile Automated People Mover (APM) that will connect three on-airport stations to Metro Rail and transit solutions; a Consolidated Rent-A-Car center; 2 lntermodal Transport Facilities for extra parking, ground transportation solutions, and meter-greeter tasks; along with roadway improvements. LAMP provides the remedy into the Central Terminal Area traffic congestion, and its important factors are suggested to be delivered by 2023.


Proposers should Provide the ability to successfully perform the necessary services that would comprise the following jobs:

1. Direct LAWA Marketing and Promotional Services

Provide only LAX marketing and promotional solutions that do not include or support any general destination marketing from the Southern California Region:
Task A: Market and encourage LAX Facilities and Services and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to:

International Airline Industry

  • Secure advertorial value in international aviation publications to market LAWA’s present and future modernization projects at LAX;
  • Work with aviation business representatives to create in-flight features that market LAX modernization;
  • Customize CIP advertising and advertising materials for circulation in key international aviation markets; and,
  • Exclusively represent LAWA in aviation business trade shows for the sole purpose of promoting LAX’s modernization jobs.

International Travel Industry

  • Secure advertorial value in international travel trade publications to market L4.X present and potential modernization projects;
  • Customize CIP advertising and promotion materials for circulation to international tour operators and travel websites; and,
  • Exclusively represent LAWA at industry trade shows and events for the sole purpose of promoting UX’s modernization jobs.

International and Domestic Passengers

  • Generate publicity for your LAX modernization jobs, in addition to present L4.X facilities and solutions. Translate and sponsor all applicable segments of LAWA’s website in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and other languages that are appropriate, and publication of new website to various markets both locally and globally;
  • Promote L4.X modernization jobs on all consumer websites by, at a minimum, for example information regarding the jobs on the webpage of each website;
  • Write and disperse in-language, in-market tales about UX; and,
  • Marketplace the L4.X company outlets of new Concessionaires along with other retailers in LAX to print and online media.

Task B: Market study and analysis:

  • Provide encouraging information to LAWA for demonstrations to drivers;
  • Generate analysis of airline data, aviation databases, and outside studies to spot airlines at risk of service reductions at LAX;
  • Conduct study to spot markets supplied by U.. X;
  • Collaborate with LAWA to get current data measuring the number of global passenger arrivals in LAX by state of origin, variety of international nonstop flights in LAX, and quantity of chairs on international nonstop flights atU. . X;
  • Conduct study to assess the number of admissions traveling operators using L4.X versus competing gateways; and,
  • Survey traveling agents to gather data on the agents’ perceptions of the services and facilities at LAX.

Task C: Meeting along with other communications with LAWA:

  • Assist LAWA staff together with the fulfillment of its marketing or advertising needs as requested by LAWA management; and,
  • In coordination with LAWA along with proper state and federal agencies, utilize travel business direction and stakeholders to come up with proposals to enhance US Customs and Border Protection processing in LAX.

2. Marketing and Promoting LAX Air Service

Activities to develop and promote new passenger and freight air service and preserve air support, with an emphasis on international air support to LAX:

Task A: Market and promote LAX to Airlines:

  • Meetings and other communications with an airline company representatives;
  • Creating   presentations    and other stuff for marketing    LAX to potential air carriers;
  • Provide a extensive promotional and marketing package to airlines launch new solutions in LAX;
  • Plan and assist in the launch events for fresh airline service for LAX;
  • Coordinate familiarization trips requested and sponsored by an airline so as to promote a predetermined new or existing aviation and sponsored and sponsored by airline representatives. All of familiarization tours under this task will include a tour of all LAX facilities.
  • Conduct in-market training sessions exclusively on LAX facilities and services for reservation employees of airlines offering direct support to LAX;
  • Participate in airline course planning and development conventions exclusively as a representative of LAWA to market paths and support for LAX;
  • Collect and report data and company intelligence on local aviation; and,
  • Handle development and maintenance of master database of airline executive and airline marketing contacts.

Task B: Meetings and other communications with LAWA

  • Meetings and other communications with LAWA, including coordinating meetings between LAWA and air carriers.

3. International Trade Missions and Aviation lndustrv Events

Oversee LAWA’s involvement in aviation business conventions, events and City of Los Angeles transaction missions to directly market its airport program.

  • Organize and handle LAWA’s involvement at aviation business conventions to market LAX;
  • Identify and arrange speaking opportunities for LAWA officials in domestic and global aviation business occasions; and,
  • Organize LAWA’s involvement in and sponsor trade missions to market LAX.

Proposal due by  May 13, 2017  to:

Los Angeles World Airports Administration
Attn: Martin Obregon, Jr..
1 World Way, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90045