RAC figures show Stansted Airport has Greatest drop-off parking Fee in State

RAC figures show Stansted Airport has highest drop-off parking Fee in country

The terminal at Stansted Airport.  Picture: STANSTED AIRPORT

The terminal at Stansted Airport. Picture: STANSTED AIRPORT

A research has revealed Stansted Airport has the maximum drop-off parking prices of almost any airport in the nation.

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Research from the RAC has revealed it costs #3.50 to park for ten minutes in the Essex airport, with a speed which has climbed by 50p since last year.

This is 50p over Luton Airport, while Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports all have no charge.

Stansted also has the 2nd greatest pick-up cost at #5 to half an hour, which had climbed 50p in the last year. Luton Airport prices #7 to 40 minutes.

A Stansted Airport spokesman said income from the fee is utilised to develop airport services and also to keep costs low for airlines — which resulted in more affordable fares for passengers.

He said: “Over 50% of passengers arrive in the airport using public transportation, the maximum percentage of any major UK airport.

“The Express Setup charge was made to help handle congestion at a capacity-restricted region and limit the ecological impacts of drop-off and pick-up journeys by private vehicles.

“We also encourage motorists to use the free park and ride facility in the middle stay car park which drops passengers off directly over the terminal forecourt.

“We would also remind all residents living within a 10-mile radius of Stansted Airport that a generous discount scheme is in place for your Express Setup.”

The spokesman added that the terminal forecourt, formerly used for drop-offs, needed to be shut for a number of years since collateral was raised — including the installation of barriers — in the aftermath of this Glasgow Airport terrorist attack. It’s since re-opened but with less capacity.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “The eye-watering costs at some airports is likely to be looked at by motorists as another method of making money out of them, especially where public transportation to and from the airport only isn’t a feasible option.

“This season several airports have increased the already sky-high prices they cost making a fantastic deed a costly experience.

“Drop-off charges are the biggest bone of contention as for many they seem severe when they’re just pulling up for over five minutes and frequently don’t even escape the car themselves.”