The car keys of holidaymakers whose start their Struggle

The car keys of holidaymakers whose have formed a Facebook group to fight for an insurance policy pay-out.

The M.E.N told how more than 130 keys had been stolen from Auto Park Manchester, based at Davenport Green Hall at Trafford.

Bosses at the company, which isn’t affiliated with Manchester Airport affirmed four cars were taken.

After the M.E.N visited the site, the manager, who called himself as Sultan Khan, apologised and insisted clients would be eligible to maintain their insurance. Yet, customers now battling for pay-outs claim Auto Park Manchester isn’t answering their requirements.

Luke Bullock and his wife Christine

Luke Bullock and his wife Christine, both 30, have established ‘Automobile Parking Manchester/Manchester Meet and Greet Limited Help Group’ – that so much has 24 members.

They say they are attempting to obtain a pay-out through Auto Park Manchester’s two insurance firms – and expect to have the ability to guide others if they are successful. Luke and Christine say that they returned from a 10-day break in Barcelona on August 23 to be informed that the key because of their #35,000 Mitsubishi Outlander was among those stolen.

Luke stated: “The company details being given from Car Park Manchester are for an insurance company that only covers damage. But they’ve another company which hopefully will pay out for car theft that is key. We are pursuing them today to receive our cash back. We would urge other theft victims to combine our FB page so we can fight this together.”

Leanne Wadsworth, who states her # is among those hitting against a brick wall.

She explained: “It’s really unfair. We can’t contact them and does seem as though they are untouchable.”

Another customer claims she had to fork # 109 for a key that is brand new out – and has been warned by her insurer to modify the locks – to the tune of #900.

She explained: “The company gave me insurance information but I have been told that they are only guaranteed if the firm’s drivers have an collision. It’s left so many people out of pocket.”

Trafford Council said in a statement: “In June 2015 Trafford Council denied a retrospective planning application for Davenport Green Hall at Hale Barns for its combined use of this site for airport car parking in conjunction with its continuing use for purposes and residential usage.

“After the refusal of planning consent the person who owns the site continued to utilize the site for airport related car-parking. The Council continued to serve an enforcement notice in September 2015 that required the unauthorised usage to cease. In October 2015 the owner appealed against the enforcement notice. Whilst the charm waited to be noticed the Council was not able to take enforcement actions.

“The Planning Inspectorate held an informal hearing from June 2017 along with the operator’s appeal has been dismissed on the 12th July 2017. The Planning Inspectorate within their decision notice, stated that the owner had six months from the date of this appeal decision to remove all automobiles connected with the unauthorised airport car-parking company from the site.

“The week period given by the Planning Inspector expired about the 23rd August 2017. Council officers are currently carrying out monitoring visits to the site in order to establish compliance and collect evidence. In the event the owner doesn’t comply with the enforcement notice, the Council can initiate prosecution proceedings.”

Greater Manchester Police confirmed officers are currently investigating the thefts of ‘more than 130 keys’ and four automobiles from the Davenport Green Hall site in Altrincham.

The M.E.N repeatedly tried to get Car Park Manchester for remark.