Student Advertising Done The Right Way

Even though they are always on a limited budget, you will want to market students. This is because the people in this age group, between 18 to 30 years old, haven’t formed any brand loyalties yet.

If you can catch them early on, they will be your most loyal customers even as they move on to getting a job and having more money. So, how do you market to college students?

There are many ways to do this and all of them have everything to do with making your products more accessible. Have a student discount program. Reach out to campus organizations and offer to sponsor their event in exchange for some minutes of company presentation.

Even better, you could do a Red Bull and hire a brand ambassador or a student who will market your product on campus. Red Bull has been very successful at brand ambassadorship and it’s definitely something you will want to copy.

As you are approaching students, you will want to send the message that you are on their side and that you can count on making their lives easier.

Aside from offering discounts on your products, create video tutorials that will help them hack certain challenges, like cramming for an exam, dating on a budget.

When creating videos, make sure what you teach actually works and that the presenter you use is very effective.

Just like in any other demographic, in order to truly make your marketing efforts effective, it has to be consistent and be done on a consistent basis. You can contact company that can choose the student and advertise your product.

When you have chosen campuses to target, make plans to get involved in yearly big events as a major sponsor. Hand out samples and ask for the email addresses of those who choose to sample your product so you can market to them.