Laptop Recycling Near Me

When you get a new laptop, you should consider recycling your old one. Recycling your laptop will ensure that it does not damage the environment when you throw it away and that the usable parts can be salvaged. Check out this homepage to know that you can recycle your old laptop whether it is in working order or not.

What To Do Before Recycling

Before you recycle your old laptop, you need to delete all of your personal data. To do this, you will have to back up everything that you had on the hard drive. There are 2 ways that you can do this and you need to choose the one that suits your needs the best.

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The first method is to save your data to the cloud. There are a number of cloud storage options that you can choose which will easily backup your data. Of course, it is important to note at these solutions will only be free if you have a small amount of data.

The second option will be to backup your data onto a disc or external hard drive. This is an option that many people prefer because they feel more in control of their data. This option is fairly affordable and you can get large external hard drives which will hold all of your data.

After backing up your data, you will need to delete this from your computer. Moving this to the trash folder on your computer is not enough. You will need to wipe your hard drive and return the computer to factory settings. The way that you do this will vary depending on the operating system and the version.

Look For National Recycling Centers

Once your data has been erased, you can start looking for somewhere to recycle your laptop. There is Gigacycle recycling centers that you can take your laptop to and they will recycle this for you. However, it is important to note that not all recycling centers will be equipped to handle this type of recycling.

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Your local council is also not obligated to take your old laptop for recycling. Additionally, if you want the council to collect your old laptop for recycling, you will be charged for this. The costs will vary depending on your council.

Using National Services

There are some laptop manufacturers that offer nation-wide recycling services. However, most of these services will require you to buy your new laptop from the company. This is the case with Dell and Apple and you need to consider this.