Top 3 Medical Benefits Of Marijuana Seeds

Shelled hemp and raw cannabis seeds are becoming more popular among health enthusiasts. Adding “hemp hearts” to yogurt or eating them raw has gained a following because they are very nutritious, contain healthy hemp oil, and have many health benefits.

Raw Marijuana Seeds Are Good For You

Since even the best quality cannabis seeds contain very little cannabinoids, the component that gives marijuana users their “buzz,” there’s no reason to worry about getting high from the seeds. But they do carry many medical benefits that will help you stay healthy.

Plant-based protein: cannabis hearts are rich in plant-based protein, which can be very helpful to those on a vegan or vegetarian diet who may struggle to get protein into their diet. It’s also quick and convenient for anyone needing to grab a low carb snack on the go. Athlete Rhonda Rousey started every day with a spoonful of hemp seeds before her workouts.

Omega 3: As the highest source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids, cannabis seeds are the ideal food to help your body produce protein, improve cardiovascular health, and boost your cognitive function. For those who can’t or won’t eat fish, cannabis seeds are a viable source of vital omega 3s.

Weight management: Shelled hemp seeds are tasty and very filling, so eating a small amount a few times a day will make you less likely to snack on bad foods when you feel tempted. With a pleasant nutty flavor, it’s a great addition to your cereal, smoothies, yogurt, hummus, or quinoa.

By simply adding germinating seeds into your diet on a regular basis, you can improve your cardiovascular health, experience increased cognitive function, keep your weight within a healthy range, add some nutty flavor to your foods, and improve your overall health.