The Organic Skin Care Blog

Making an organic skin care blog is much easier these days than it would have been 10 or 15 years ago. The reasons are that most people can see the value in having options that they can make at home or purchase that have no chemicals in them. Growing pesticide free elements that are included in products that are ingested or applied directly to the skin is essential these days.

The reason it is so important is because it is what can help prevent face and other cancers. For one, people who work in conventional cosmetics are prone to coming down with head, neck, and facial cancers and tumors.

While it might sound nutty, it is truth. Just ask around a cosmetics counter at a local department store. Chances are that they all know people who were in their vibrant twenties who suddenly came down with cancer and died. For the rest of us, it is a warning about the strength of chemicals whether it is in foundation or lipstick.

Rather than take part in cosmetic ingredient cancer roulette, stick with organic products by reading blog for that perfect skin like this one. There are many ways to use, enjoy, and make organic skin care products for yourself.

Such simple items as activated charcoal are easily transmuted into mascara and eye liner. A little bees wax will make it water proof. It is much easier and less costly to make your own, which is another advantage.

Rather than being at the whim of the cosmetic industry to change your chemical makeup in your products, do it yourself. Make it your own. Make your own colors. Make your own palette, and enjoy being respectful to your body while expressing your own personal sense of expression. That’s the way to enjoy going sallybskinyummies organic.