Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter converted to Islam

(JUDICIAL WATCH) — The Foot. Lauderdale Airport shooting is just a Muslim change who decades before joining the U.S. Military required on an Islamic title (Aashiq Hammad), saved terrorist propaganda and documented Islamic spiritual audio online, based on public record information made up from the undercover news-site of an award winning, Florida correspondent. This really is relevant info the federal government evidently really wants to maintain peaceful, getting up recollections of the hide, where his cohorts and the leader purposefully lied to hide that terrorists assaulted the U.S. Unique Vision in Libya.

Info is gradually trickling out that links the Foot. As the established tale from regulators is the fact that the gunman is just a psychologically sick, Hispanic Military expert named Santiago that turned unhinged following a visit in Iraq Airport shooting to revolutionary Islam. Just one conventional press store describes Santiago’s “jihadist identity’s chance,” in an item about Ny perhaps being his preliminary goal burying it. A section deeply within the tale describes that detectives retrieved Santiago’s pc from the pawnshop and also the FBI is analyzing it to find out whether he produced a “jihadist identification for herself utilizing the title Aashiq Hammad…” The reset of the standard conventional press protection encourages the federal government rhetoric that omits any scarves to terrorism despite the fact that in early stages a photograph appeared of Santiago producing an ISIS praise while sporting a keffiyeh, a Palestinian Arab scarf.

The general public documents discovered within the times following the massacre recommend Santiago (Hammad) is just a revolutionary Islamic enemy that’s significantly devoted to Islam. Besides dealing with a title that was Islamic, three Islamic spiritual tunes were documented by him, such as the Islamic assertion religion (“there isn’t any Lord but Allah is his) referred to as the Shahada. He published a line about installing propaganda movies from terrorists on explosives community and a guns. The undercover news-site that discovered this troubling info linked the dots a, and Hammad he produced in 2007.