Italy: Muslim migrant hijacks school bus with 51 children, sets vehicle ablaze while shouting ‘No one will survive’ — BtNews.Online

A 47-year-old Senegalese Muslim migrant angry about Italy’s migrant policy hijacked a bus with 51 children aboard and took them on an hour-long drive before setting the vehicle ablaze, officials said.
The attack happened in San Donato Milanese, a town near Milan.
Ousseynou Sy, originally Senegalese but with Italian citizenship, stopped the bus he was driving, with two classes of high school students on board.
One of the students said that the hijacker took all their phones and ordered the chaperones to bind the students’ hands with cable ties, threatening to spill gas and set the bus ablaze.
He also sent a video to friends in Italy and Senegal with the message, “Africa, Rise up.”
Authorities said that an adult called an emergency operator, while one of the students called a parent, and they alerted authorities, who set up roadblocks.
He rammed the bus into cars on a busy highway before it came to a stop at a roadblock set up by police.
“No one will survive,” he said, according to police.
“He shouted ‘Stop the deaths at sea, I’ll carry out a massacre’,” said Marco Palmieri, a police spokesman.
Officers broke the glass in the back door of the bus and got all the passengers to safety without serious injury before the flames destroyed the vehicle.
Nobody was seriously injured. Some children were taken to the hospital for cuts, scratches, and smoke inhalation.
The terrorist was being treated for burns.
As he was apprehended, the Muslim terrorist said he was protesting migrant deaths in the Mediterranean.
The 47-year-old father of two, whose ex-wife is Italian, has been arrested and charged with carnage and kidnapping, worsened by the fact that most of the people involved are underage.
The Muslim terrorist, who became an Italian citizen in 2004, had been convicted in 2007 and 2011 of drunken driving and sexual molestation of a minor.
“Investigators must clarify how the transport company permitted such a delinquent … to drive a bus, especially one carrying children,” said Riccardo De Corato, a Milan provincial official for security.
Milan anti-terrorism prosecutor Alberto Nobili said that Sy’s motives were unclear, but prosecutors were not ruling out terrorism.