‘Pops,’ Then Chaos: Witness Describes Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Steve Schlicher had simply ripped on his first bit of baggage in the luggage carousel of Final 2 Lauderdale -Hollywood Airport Terminal on Friday when he began reading “jumps.”

“the individual right towards the floor dropped alongside me,” Schlicher, who’d flown to Fort Lauderdale from Kansas, informed NBC Information in a telephone meeting. “I switched around along with there was having a dark weapon a guy directly behind me and he began shooting. “

” mother and my spouse in law traveled with me. Fortunately none people were hurt,” Schlicher said. “both individuals to my right to my remaining and also the a couple were shot. There is blood. The folks who have been shot were shot within the mind.”

Schlicher said there seemed to be just one gunman like he was in his 30s and he looked.

“It Is heartbreaking. Horrible heartbreaking picture, only a terrible. He was simply arbitrarily firing at people,” he explained.