Making the Backyard Better for Your Puppy: Some Advice from Hale Vets

Before you end up bring your puppy to Buchanan Hale vets because of a tummyache or a pricked paw, try these suggestions to make your backyard safe and fun for your little friend.

1. Make a Sandbox

Nothing is more fun for your puppy than digging, but if you don’t want holes all over your yard and your puppy getting into things they shouldn’t, it’s a good idea to make a sandbox especially for them.

The sandbox can be a source of hours of fun for your puppy if you take the time to bury bones, treats, toys and other fun objects in the sand for them to find and enjoy. Be sure to keep the sand enclosed with bricks or other measures that will stop sand from getting out.

2. Get Knowledgeable about Plants

Planting the right plants can be helpful to your dog and allow you to do some gardening, if you enjoy it. This is especially important if you’ve started to notice that your dog’s urine is causing some of the plants in the yard to die. To avoid that, you may choose to plant japanese spindles and other plants which are more resistant to the fluid. You may want to plant blueberries and other fruits that your dog would enjoy eating whenever they were in the yard.

It’s vital that you take care to avoid those plants and substances that could be bad for your puppy. For example, cocoa mulch could be problematic due to the fact that cocoa bean products can be toxic to all dogs. If you’re not sure, ask your buchanan vets first.

These pointers can make your backyard locations a great place for your puppy. Talking more with Hale vets will help you to know what’s appropriate.