(VIDEO) Hong Kong protesters sing US anthem, with US flags, against Chinese tyranny during airport occupation

Hong Kong’s residents have begun waving American flags and singing the U.S. National Anthem amidst continuous protests versus China’s control. Video clips on social media show Hong Kong citizens holding American flags as well as singing the anthem via bullhorns in what seems a program of solidarity and demonstration for their freedom.

U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw published a video clip of the singing residents and stated, “Hong Kong is a contemporary struggle in between high-handed guideline and free freedom. Militants stand fearlessly despite violence to fight China’s authoritarian regimen. They remind us why we value our flexibility in America, as well as need to stand by their side as they defend theirs.”

View this post on Instagram Hong Kong is a modern-day battle in between oppressive policy and also free democracy. Protesters stand fearlessly despite physical violence to battle China’s authoritarian regime. They remind us why we value our liberty in America, and also need to stand by their side as they fight for their own.

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> A blog post shared by Dan Crenshaw(@dancrenshawtx)on Aug 13, 2019 at 12:18 pm PDT The protesters have been demonstrating in Hong Kong’s roads since June in feedback to a suggested extradition costs that would certainly’ve enabled those billed with criminal activities to be extradited to China for prosecution.

Although the bill was put on hold after preliminary demonstrations, the objections have actually continued for greater than 2 months as disappointed people reveal their denial of Chinese control.

Aggravations have swelled as the police action is believed of having amped up tensions by firing tear gas and water cannons at militants.

Riot police stormed an airport on Hong Kong on Tuesday where the protesters have actually set up for the second day straight.

Turmoil appears in Hong Kong International Airport terminal as trouble cops tornado the terminals amid the 2nd day of anti-government protests. https://t.co/qNvWV7X3Ad pic.twitter.com/Vs8it2D3a6

— ABC Information (@ABC) August 13, 2019

China has released armed forces automobiles just 18 miles from the Hong Kong boundary where they are putting together soldiers for a substantial anti-riot exercise.

China Global TV Network, a news agency moneyed by the Chinese government, published a video clip on YouTube revealing people slamming the Hong Kong protesters, knocking their choice to fly American as well as British flags, as well as implicating them of “messing up culture.”